Sunday, March 6, 2011

. From Heart .

Luv me tender , luv me sweet ..
Never let me go ..
U have made my life complete ..
And i love u so ..

Love me tender , love me true ..
All my dreamz fulfill ..
For my specialz in my life , i love u ..
And i alwayz will ..

Love me tender , love me dear ..
Tell me ur'mine ..
I'll be yours through all the years ..
Till the end of time  ..
When as long my dreamz come true ..

My specialz  , this is i know ..
Happiness will follow u ..
Everywhere u go ..

If the road ahead is not so easy ..
Our love will lead the way for us ..
Like a guiding star ..
I'll be there for u if u should need me ..

U don't have to change a thing ..
I love u just the way u are ..
So , come with me and share the view ..
I'll help u see forever too ..
Hole me now , touch me now ..
I don't want to live without u ..

Foe someone that specialz in my life , i love u soo ..
n ta mgkin Yasmin dpat lupaa kn dya ..
Yasmin mmg shayunkss gylaa at dya ..
mgkin cmua ta tawu cpa dya ..
biar larh , Yasmin n bestiesz Yasmin ea yg tawu pasal neyh ..
hurm , Yasmin rindu sngt at dya ..
hurm , hurm , hurm !

♥ Terima Kasih Sebab Sudi Baca Bebelan Aku ! Like Kalau Suka ! ♥


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